Season Passes

What will a season pass do for me?
We have 6 shows per year at Theater Off Jackson – this pass will allow you admission to all 6 for the year they’re sold for. Frantic online ticket buying or waiting in line? THAT LIFE IS BEHIND YOU NOW
How do I buy one and how much do they cost?
We’ll be making a limited number of them available for purchase every year; we recommend subscribing to our mailing list for announcements regarding this and other Salon news. Passes will be about $120.
Can I loan or gift my pass to a friend?
Yes and yes! Anyone with the pass can attend a show within the year it’s purchased for.
What if I lose my pass?
Oh, you. If you lose your pass, email us via and we’ll discuss a replacement. That said, please don’t lose it, ya goof.
Will my pass guarantee me a hug from Ben?
It’s worth a shot.
I heard that someone won a Lifetime Pass to the Salon! How do I get one?
We’ll likely only offer Lifetime Passes as a special prize here and again rather than selling them. We auctioned off a couple of them for charity earlier this year at Ben Haley’s other show, Dancing on the Valentine.