Season Passes

Every year we have 6 shows at Theater Off Jackson and 2+ at Cornish Playhouse. Tickets sell out pretty darn fast. Flattering! But in 2016 we realized it was time to offer some better options to our struggling, die-hard fans. Frantic online ticket buying or waiting nervously in line for the waitlist? THAT LIFE IS BEHIND YOU NOW

What are the perks of being a pass holder? 

  • VIP Entrance: breeze past the muggles via your own special line! You still gotta show us your pass *and* your driver’s license, though, slick (Theatre Off Jackson only).
  • Reserved Couches: exclusively for pass-holding butts! Please note that these are limited, so first come, first serve (Theatre Off Jackson only).
  • Entourage: are you a pass holder and you signed up to read? You’re the best. You can bring up to 3 guests to witness your shame instead of just 1!
  • $AVING$: do you like value? DUH. Get a 10% discount on our 2019 Season Passes when they become available next year (we’ll also let you know when they do before anyone else)!

What kind of passes are there?

Season Pass: ToJ ONLY

This pass will allow you admission to all 6 shows at our beloved Theatre Off Jackson for the year they’re purchased for. A six-pack of shame for a mere $100! 

Season Pass: ALL ACCESS

This pass will allow you admission to all 6 shows at Theatre Off Jackson AND our performances at Cornish Playhouse in Seattle Center for the year they’re purchased for. ALL EIGHT SHAMES FOR $150!

How do I buy one?

Ready to join the shameful elite? Buy your passes with Venmo or PayPal via Please include a note about which type you want, and how many. Pick them up at the next show. There’s a limited number available each year, so apologies in advance if you miss out!

Can I loan or gift my pass to a friend?

Yes and yes! Anyone with the pass can attend a show within the year it’s purchased for.

What if I lose my pass?

Oh, you. If you lose your pass, email us via and we’ll discuss a replacement. That said, please don’t lose it, ya goof.

Is this just another way to get more cash out of me more quickly?

These drugs ain’t gonna buy themselves, son.