Yes, the show always sells out. But sos-ticketswe want to make sure you know how to get tickets! We know this page is long, but it really is worth reading it all so you know how things work.

The basics

  • Tickets are $15 from Brown Paper Tickets.
  • Tickets go on sale online & via phone about a month before the show.
  • To ensure as many parties as possible get seats, each buyer is limited to 2 tickets.
  • All shows are 21+, so be prepared to show ID at the door.
  • Every show sells out extremely quickly, but if you can’t get tickets you can come down at 7pm on the night of the show to get on our waitlist ($15, cash only).
  • Need cash for the above mentioned ticket? The closest ATM is two blocks west of the theater at 601 South Jackson Street.
  • We offer a limited number of Season Passes each year.
Lots more information below…


Will the show sell out?
Yes. With a couple exceptions, every Salon of Shame since 2005 has been sold out. All shows in recent years have sold out within minutes.

When exactly are tickets available?
Tickets usually go on sale at 8pm about a month before the show. Check the upcoming events page for show dates.

Do you do assigned seating?
All seating is general admission, with one exception: we reserve a limited number of seats for our Deaf/Hard of Hearing audience members so they can be seated near our American Sign Language interpreters. More information on reserved Deaf/Hard of Hearing seating and ticketing can be found in our Deaf/Hard of Hearing audience info.

How can I get a reminder when tickets are available?
Sign up for the Notification List of Shame by joining our Google Group.


Cheryl 04Where can I get tickets?
Tickets can be purchased from Brown Paper Tickets, either online or by phone at 1-800-838-3006.

How many tickets can I buy?
We limit each ticket buyer to two tickets.

What happens if I buy more than two tickets?
Buyers who do not abide the limit will have their tickets in excess of two refunded to them.


When I go to Brown Paper Tickets’ website and click “begin order,” all it gives me is a box for a discount code. What’s going on?
That means all general admission tickets are sold out. The “discount code” tickets are Deaf/Hard of Hearing seats. They’re not actually discounted, but they do allow us to set aside a few password-protected tickets for Deaf/Hard of Hearing audiences so they can be seated near our American Sign Language interpreters.

I went to the Brown Paper Tickets website at exactly 8pm and it told me the show was already sold out! How’s that possible?
We asked our friends at Brown Paper Tickets to explain this one, and here’s what they said:

Before the tickets are available, there is no “begin order” button on the event page. This means that ticket buyers are refreshing the page over and over, waiting for that button to appear. If you think of time in milliseconds instead of seconds or minutes, it’s pretty easy to imagine that if you have hundreds of people refreshing their pages in order to click that button, once the clock strikes 8:00 the first 130 people with the fastest browser speed or the fastest index finger are going to be the ones who snag the tickets first. Once someone clicks the “begin order” button, their order is locked into the system for 10 minutes, whether or not they actually complete the order. So, even though the ticket buyers aren’t finished with their orders yet, the system lists the event as “sold out” at 8pm because their are currently 130 people who are in the process of placing their order.

What if my tickets haven’t arrived in the mail?
If you don’t receive your tickets at least one week before the show, contact Brown Paper Tickets ASAP so they can look into the problem; they will typically tell you to print out your email receipt to bring to the show. If you show up at the door without paper tickets and/or we haven’t been notified by Brown Paper Tickets of a problem, you won’t get into the show.

Why don’t you just do will call?
This is a conscious decision on our part to keep things simple. Paper tickets mean we don’t have to fuss with names and identities, and you don’t have to notify us if you want to give or sell your ticket to someone else. Ticket=admission. Easy.

I couldn’t get a ticket. OMG what can I do?!?
Show up at the door at 7pm the night of the show, and put your name on our waitlist. Waitlist admission is $15, cash only. You have a decent chance of getting in, though it might be sitting against a wall in the back – but it’s not a big venue, and the view is should be fine.



My plans have changed and I can’t make the show. Can you refund my ticket purchase?
No, but since Salon of Shame tickets are in high demand you can most likely give or sell them to a willing party. In addition to the usual venues (friends, Craigslist) there is a Salon of Shame Facebook page you can post to.

I bought a ticket for a friend. Can you make sure she gets it?
We have no will call or concierge services. If you have purchased a ticket for someone, you are responsible for getting the ticket to the person who will be using it.

What if I have a ticket, but arrive late?
Unclaimed seats are released to the waitlist at 7:55pm. If you purchased a ticket but you arrive after we’ve released seats and there are none left, you’re welcome to find whatever seats may be remaining. Either way, your ticket will not be refunded.

What if I lose my ticket?
That would be a bummer. Like most shows, we can’t be responsible for lost or stolen tickets. You can try contacting Brown Paper Tickets to get your ticket reissued – or, if you can, print out the email receipt of your ticket and bring it along.


Are you REALLY sold out again?! Why can’t I ever get a ticket?! Why don’t you do ticketing differently?! Why don’t you move to a bigger venue? Why don’t you increase the frequency of shows? Why do people who aren’t me always get tickets? Why won’t you return my angry emails? ARGLE BARGLE FLARGLE

We know it can be frustrating that tickets sell out so quickly, and please know that we do our best to make sure our ticket process is fair and well-publicized via our website and Notification List. But ultimately, this is a popular show and we’re really genuinely sorry that you weren’t able to get tickets. Keep trying, because we’d love to see you!

The Salon of Shame was founded as a community event. We’re not a production company — just working folks with day jobs who do this for fun. We’ve tried the event in bigger venues and it generally isn’t as intimate as well like, with the exception of an occasional show at Cornish Playhouse.

laura rose

We also encourage you to host your own Salon of Shame at your home with your friends! That’s our origin story: a bunch of us sitting in Ariel’s basement, reading our worst adolescent writing to each other between chugs of cheap wine and guffaws. Yes, we think the Salon of Shame at Theatre Off Jackson is awesome — but we promise you that hosting your own mini-Salon with your friends can be just as much fun, and seats are guaranteed.

Thanks to each and every one of you for all your support for our silly little show. We’re as surprised as anyone that we’ve been doing this for over decade!