Season Passes 2020 SOLD OUT

Tickets sell out pretty darn fast. Flattering! But in 2016 we realized it was time to offer some better options for our struggling, die-hard fans. Frantic online ticket buying or waiting nervously in line for the waitlist? THAT LIFE IS BEHIND YOU NOW

How can I get one?

Purchase your passes via Venmo or Paypal – our payment address is Passes are $100 apiece. Show your electronic receipt at the January 2020 show to pick it up!

What are all the perks of being a pass holder? 

  • No More Tickets: your pass allows you worry-free admission to all of our shows at Theatre Off Jackson in 2020. A six-pack of shame for a mere $100!
  • Reserved Couches: exclusively for pass-holding butts! Please note that these are limited, so first come, first serve.
  • Entourage: are you a pass holder and you signed up to read? You’re the best. You can bring up to 3 guests to witness your shame instead of just 1!

Where’s the schedule for the 2020 season?


Can I loan or gift my pass to a friend?

Yes and yes! Anyone with a pass can attend a show within the year it’s purchased for.

What if I lose my pass?

Oh, you. If you lose your pass, email us via and we’ll discuss a replacement. That said, please don’t lose it, ya goof!